What’s The Difference Between Joinery And Carpentry

At MF Group our vision is to create an exceptional world through fit-out, joinery and design. We are driven by creativity, innovation and relationships and our customers keep coming back to us because they trust our legacy. Over the years as our trade has evolved and the words we use to engage with customers and communicate our value to them also grows.

A very traditional view of a carpenter is someone who runs a small local business. Who works on creating beautiful pieces from raw elements. Today that definition has expanded and teams who work on site are considered carpenters. In New Zealand, specifically the carpentry team is trusted to build our homes. Working on construction sites and making the structure from the ground up. These are people who build and install different elements right at the building site that needs it, instead of putting together elements beforehand and simply conducting the fit-out on site.

On the other hand, joiners are traditionally considered to be very specialised, knowing how to connect different elements to each other, to create one magnificent piece.


At MF group we take on many projects, from shopfitting to kitchen design and they all begin with a vision. We must know exactly what the end product is going to look like before our team can go to work. Once the design is finalised that’s when the joinery and carpentry begin.

Our team is skilled in the trade of performing work like cutting and shaping materials then installing of non-structural elements for all types of building interiors. We are the production arm for interior design. We have teams who join elements together and often those same teams will do installs and fit-outs on site.

And since carpenters build homes, and joiners are generally involved in remodels, we are joiners. Our skilled team has diverse expertise to carry out and all home, office and commercial space fit-out solutions that come our way.

We take the design, which is not much more than a picture and a dream and turn it into physical elements. We take raw materials such as timber, metals, plastic, glass and the like and refine them using joinery hardware to form the framework for future furniture or other design elements. We then take the elements created in our factory and install them for various residential, retail, or commercial projects.

MF Group are Master Builders who work to bring your vision to life.


MF Group do joinery in Auckland but Kiwis nationwide trust our service and legacy. We have been supplying our services to the community for 30 years and we are looking ahead to 30 times 30 times 30 more!

We are skilled in aluminum joinery.  Adding an extra layer of durability when it comes to fortifying the entrances and exits to our homes, offices and retail experiences is essential, so using stronger material for your doors is not only a smart move, but the material can be used in creative and aesthetic ways as well. Another element that many overlook is window joinery making sure that every window not only does its job, and holds strong, but also has a clean and beautiful finish. Our kitchen joinery projects are close to our hearts, because many would argue that it’s the most important room in the house, the heart of a home.

Any piece of furniture, or other decorative or functional element, that contributes to how a space serves or is enjoyed by those who interact within that space can be designed and created by MF Group. From something as simple and unassuming as a reception desk to creative and evocative wall panelling, if you are looking enhance any space, we are the team to call. That is what we do!


We are so honoured that you trust us with you fit-out project. Now, let’s create an exceptional space for you together. Be it residential, commercial or retail our project process is simple and is designed so that you, the customer, gets the best value and benefits the most from our expertise, creativity and can-do attitude.

Our projects go through four phases.

First, we Meet & Greet. We get to know each other. If you’re a business, what are your needs? How do we build an experience for your clients, customers and employees? If you’re a homeowner, how do you want to warm up your space and make your loved ones feel at home?

Then the Idea & Concept phase. Here we get practical. We decide on a way forward and discuss everything from colours, textures (perhaps including Fodera Wood Panelling), to moods and feelings. We want to be on exactly the same page with expectations and processes.

On to Design & Create. Here, is the technical aspect. We get a professional designer to use computer aided desigin to create a 3D render of the model of the space. Your vision now has a shape! It may only be on paper (or digital) but now we can actually see how it’s going to look!

Lastly the Build & Install phase where our joinery-carpentry-master-builder team get to work physically creating and installing the elements of the design. Your space is now transformed!

No matter who you or the project that you have in mind, at MF Group we help homeowners, brand owners and creative teams create exceptional spaces with fit-out, joinery and design achieved through our diverse skill set that truly reflects quality craftmanship and our commitment to creativity, innovation and relationships.